Igt wines


IGT Wines

This is our production of IGT wines, whose production takes place in the respective geographical indication wines, the grapes used for its production come at least 85% exclusively from this area, with an indication of the organoleptic characteristics.

Colour: ruby red Its fruity bouquet has tones of blackberry and plum, while its spicy nuances reminds one of black pepper and cloves. A dry, warm taste with pleasant smoothness, subtle tannin and excellent body which gives an adequate aromatic persistence. Grapes: aglianico 100% Wine making techniques: the wine is fermented and macerated under controlled

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Colour: deep straw yellow Its scent is particularly intense, with fruit, floral and even mineral tones. Its taste is dry, warm, soft and full-bodied, but also persistently, fresh and aromatic. Grapes: falanghina 100% Wine making techniques: the grapes first undergo soft pressing, then static cold extraction and finally it is fermented under controlled temperature...

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Colour: deep straw yellow with gold nuances Its aroma has fruit, floral and mineral tones that remind of exotic candy fruit and of dried fruit, lime and broom blossoms Its dry, warm and peculiarly soft taste is full-bodied and has intense and long lingering aromas. Grapes: fiano 40%, falanghina 30%, malvasia 20%, caprettone 10% Wine

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Colours: deep ruby red with violet nuances This wine has a very intense aroma with strong fruit tones that evoke blackberry, bilberry and black currant, but also redolent of spicy aromas like liquorice, cocoa and vanilla. Its taste is both dry and warm and the tannins are framed by its softness, which on the whole

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